The course content, and nature or structure that makes our courses unique is presented here. We have for example, the first and only training in gaming photojournalism at the academic level and a range of other programs that you can only find here.

Gaming Photojournalism program »
We have the first and only training in gaming photojournalism at the academic level. Gaming Photojournalism is about to be part of creating games, but is also used to document and create contemporary gaming tutorials. A gaming photo journalist should not only photograph but also  write, shoot and edit in a game production feature or for television.

Eco-Technology »
Want to work for a greener future? “Green Entrepreneurship” and environmental engineering are important industries of the future.  Combining environmental science with environmental technology to gain a holistic view of how environmental problems can be prevented and avoided, especially in this technological field.

Self Publishing Games »
A brand new program places emphasis on an entrepreneurial mindset. Technologies are often economic, and contain legal obstacles and sometimes a concern comes about from such problems.

Film and Games»
Film and Games Expertise Engineering is a field that is growing rapidly. This field has the task of design and improving technological systems for the efficient use of gaming resources. The program has an interdisciplinary approach that is close to work.

3D Programming »
The 3D Programming program is aimed at those who want to work with the practical application of 3D Programming work in this evaluation work, there is analyzing and assessing the need for 3D models. You will study various topics in Maya and Lightwave.

Graphic Design and Communication »
To be seen requires a well-conceived and deliberate analysis, strategy and communicative idea that surprises and encourages participation. This education that is unique and is a combination of graphic design, packaging design, and media and communication studies.

Industrial Programming and Design»

Industrial design is alone in having these two orientations Human care design and Recreational design. Within Human care design, you’ll learn to create useful solutions for all regardless of conditions. Recreational design focuses on the growing product segment for leisure activities.

Mobile applications and network services for Android »
A hot area where the market is growing tremendously. After two years on the unique training path, allows you to develop apps for smart phones, panels and other electronics that use Android.

Risk and Crisis Management Program »
Risk and safety issues are important in many activities. People with knowledge of the risk and safety and the management of crisis situations are coveted. In the program you get theoretical knowledge in risk and crisis management and develop skills for practical management of crisis situations.

Sports Technology »
Equipment for sports and the outdoors is a billion dollar industry and the need for better designs and new material is great. In the leisure and sports sector and as a student you get a wide range of expertise in both design and technology, but also physiology and biomechanics.