Computing for Game Development



In 2011 we started our Level Design Training. This, as we know, the only Level Design education available in Australia. The training is 2.5 years and students follow the other students works in games graphics and game programming, then it comes to gaming projects. This means that even Level Design students do eight games during training at the school.

In the first year it is working on Level Designers of Practice (Learning at Work). This is very educational for us and especially exciting. The training is in demand by the industry, otherwise we would never have started this agency, but we on the staff have had the interesting task of coaching students in presenting themselves in the best way. It has been a great challenge and a skill development for all of us.

But with our knowledge-hungry students, the journey has been very smooth. They have worked tremendously hard but it has shown strong results. Here they share their mods and solutions in a number of videos on our site.

On our site I have added a taste of what a Level Design presentation might look like. To see more of our gaming material, you can look around the this website.